Below find a selection of writing from various projects around Cigarettes, Inc. and other projects

“Smoking Hot: Cigarettes, Jazz and the Production of Global Imaginaries in Interwar Shanghai,” in Ron Radano and Tejumola Olaniyan eds., Audible Empire: Music, Global Politics, Critique. Duke University Press, 2016.

Toxicity and the Consuming Subject,” in Russ Castronovo and Susan Gillman, eds., States of Emergency: Towards a Future History of American Studies (University of North Carolina Press, 2009), pp. 55-68.

“On Grief and Complicity: Notes toward a Visionary Cultural History,” in James Cook, Lawrence Glickman, and Michael O’Malley, eds. The Cultural Turn in U.S. History: Past, Present and Future. (University of Chicago Press, 2008), pp. 319-342.

Ladies of Labor, Girls of Adventure: Working Women, Popular Culture, and Labor Politics at the Turn of the Twentieth Century. Columbia University Press, 1999. 

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